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Alcance su sueño

Empiece a alquilar barcos en sus próximas vacaciones

Alcance su sueño

Empiece a alquilar barcos en sus próximas vacaciones

¿Manera licencia ISSA?


  • Las licencias de barco maestro de la ISSA se pueden consultar en línea a través de una base de datos internacional.

  • Las licencias de yates de la ISSA se reconocen en todo el mundo, a diferencia de las licencias nacionales, que se reconocen solo en el país de origen.

  • Los certificados de embarcaciones de ISSA cuentan con la confianza de las compañías de seguros y chárter de todo el mundo.

  • Las licencias de navegación de la AISS se basan en métodos de enseñanza modernos, por lo que son mucho más rápidas de conseguir.

  • Obras en todo el mundo te esperan en la industria náutica con licencias comerciales de ISSA.

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Learn To Sail Together

We offer a unique Sailing course Program in the world  "boating license holiday" package  opportunity!  Charter an amazing sailboat/ Catamaran  in ibiza and get your Day skipper/ Power boat level 2 or Yachtmaster sailing license training course and achieve your  international boating license in Ibiza Spain or your international certificate of competence (ICC) and learn to sail together  with your family

/friends aboard an amazing catamaran yacht in the stunning scenery and  crystal clear waters of the magnificent island of IBIZA. With 

Our " Learn to sail together  holiday "

Program . in this unique program you can choose and do any kind of boat license that you want in our sailing school in ibiza .

 Certificate: Any

 Duration: Depends on the course


Day Skipper/   powerboat level 2

 (Power and Sail)

With the Day Skipper rya or Powerboat level 2 license  you can charter a boat anywhere in the world for day trips.

The course is designed to provide the skills and background knowledge required to safely and professionally operate a small powerboat/sailboat. We also offer online boating license courses.


Certificate: ISSA Inshore skipper  skipper license

Boat size: up to 10 meter 
Distance: up to 2 miles offshore
Durations: 2 days 

Navigation time: daytime

Acceptance: worldwide


(Power and Sail)

Yachtmaster costal course develops the navigation and other knowledge acquired on the day skipper course. It is intended for sailors who are looking to get a bigger international  boat license and undertake more complex offshore passages, navigate and command a bigger vessel. and obtain there international certificate of competence (ICC certificate ) 


Certificate: ISSA offshore  skipper  boating license

Boat size: up to 15 meter  
Distance: up to 20 miles offshore

Navigation time: daytime + night

Acceptance: Worldwide


This course is for anyone serious about sailing and wants to get the best skipper training course , and sail longer distances from the coast, and command bigger vessels. The YACHTMASTER offshore  is the highest recreational international boat licenses qualification and widely recognised internationally. That license is also a ICC Certificate of competence .

Certificate: ISSA Master of yacht  license

Boat size: 24 meter   
Distance: up to 60/150 miles offshore 

Navigation time: daytime + night

Acceptance: worldwide 

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 21.30.40.png


The YachtMaster is the highest recreational  qualification and the most difficult boat licenses in Spain  to obtain. It is meant

for skipper how wants to cross the ocean with . and get the best skipper training course in Spain , and to achieve the biggest international boat licenses in the world 

Certificate: ISSA Master Ocean  boat license

Boat size: Unlimited  meter  

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 13.13.17.png

Online Boat License 

Get you’re Online Boat License now and start your worldwide boating experience Today  .

I.N.A is offering to students  a unique and amazing opportunities to get a powerful License completely online .

The Online Boat License course is a 5 hours  theory course that can be done completely online without  designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a marina vessel .

Certificate: PCC  license 

Boat size: Unlimited 
Distance: Unlimited 
Durations: 5  hours  theory on your on pase

Navigation time: daytime & Night 

Acceptance: Spain/ USA / Greece / Caribbean 

Category: Leisure 



A one day theory course that can be done online  designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a personal watercraft.

A PWC includes jet skies license , wave runners and similar vessels that have an engine used for propulsion, fully enclosed hull, don’t retain water and are operated by standing, kneeling or sitting boating license course. Come and get your jet ski license in ibiza 

Certificate: ISSA PWC operator license 

Duration: 1 day of  theory (can be done online)

Category: Leisure 


Marine Radio VHF Operator Course Online

Marine Radio VHF operator Course Online is required by law to operate  the  VHF and DCS Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipment on any  vessel in the world . This includes both fixed and portable  using International channels.

VHF radio is one of the most  important  safety equipment aboard and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. Unnecessary transmissions could block out a Mayday distress call.

This course is also needed to get you Yachtmaster Certificate.

Icc Certification Online


Do to covid-19 regulation we offer ICC certification training online

The International Certificate of Competency, commonly referred to as “ICC” is a certificate of competency, not necessarily a “course”.   The ICC is a certificate confirming that an individual is competent to the level required to meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UNECE IWC) Resolution 40


Commercial Endorsement 

All of our Licenses Certificates can be converted and endorsed for commercial us as a commercial skipper  on a commercial  vessel .

We offer commercial endorsement such as Master 200gt / Master 300gt and up to the Master 500gt certification .

Start your new professional career in the growing nautical industry , where the salaries are much more higher than in the normal main land industry’s .

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